Friday, May 7, 2010

Frugal Tip Friday - for Your Mom!

 I was thinking and thinking about what to do for a very wonderful woman in my life, my Mom in Law. (as you already know from passed posts, my sister and I took my Mom to lunch with some wine on the side) What could I do that was personal and nice, that she would like but that wouldn't cost a huge amount? I was rummaging through my yarn thinking of something I could make and I found a basket that I had tucked away. And I thought, why not make a basket up? I've seen so many of them, fruit baskets, Starbucks baskets, salami and cheese baskets, basically baskets of everything you could think of. I decided to make up a basket of things I thought she would like:

a cute notebook, with matching cute recipe cards, 3 bars of handmade soap, garden gloves, a card and this weekend we're going to pick up a bunch of apples that she likes from a farm by the lakehouse. Here's how it came out so far, just imagine a bunch of apples in the middle.

Total cost with the apples will be about 15$! Its such a great idea to make baskets for people. With learning how to make breads, I'm thinking ahead for birthdays. (I have 5 coming up this summer!) How cute would it be to get a bread basket like this?

Pretty right!?
Happy Friday!!


  1. Your so very creative! I wish I could have done something like that for my mothers....we live so far...i just mailed a card with pics of the girls:)

  2. $15 you rock girl! That is an awesome gift.

  3. I love the thought of a homemade basket - it's so personal!

    Happy Weekend,

  4. Very cute! What a great idea! I have a bunch of smaller things lying around that I need to make up a cute basket of stuff with. :)

  5. so cute & creative,, like this so :)

  6. hi Nikki!

    Got a lil surprise fcr you at Milws Of Style...come n check for yourself =)

    xo. Persis.

  7. I am all about the baskets! I used to have a small gift basket company, and it was one of the most fun things I've ever done! XO!

  8. I think that's a great idea!


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