Monday, April 5, 2010

Would you want to live UNDERWATER?

On my way into work today I picked up a Metro like I usually do. I flipped through to see if there was anything interesting to read...and I stopped at page 9 because I saw this:

(photo courtsey of Metro)
I searched online and found it here, in the Metro Vancouvers's online paper.  In this underwater skyscraper, you would work, eat, sleep and run electricity in and from the same structure. It uses solar, water and wind energy for power. The Metro calls the structure a "floating city". The floating city was designed by a Malaysian architect Adre Sarkum. I understand the wanting to be green and I think it would be great to wake up next to blue water with fish swimming by, and to wake up and take a nice big stretch in the sun while having the ocean by my side, but ultimately, I feel like what we'd be doing is just contaminating more of the earth. Its as if we've used up so much space on the earth and so much of her resources, that now we are moving to the water. I'm all for solar, wind and water energy but isn't this us just taking up more space?? Spreading ourselves and more of our manmade structures out into nature to, inevitably, pollute more of the planet? And I wonder how this would effect the fish and the other marine life. Its not like they would know what a metal underwater skyscraper was. Wouldn't the metal rust as well? Would certain cleaners need to be used on it, like to clean a boat? I don't know how anyone would be able to move an underwater city from the water, and then place it back in.  Would chemical leach back into the ocean? The article says that the underwater skyscraper is something that is currently being worked on.  I hope its not anytime soon. How would you like to live in a floating city?


  1. Crazy! What cracks me up most about that is that the portion of the floating city that is set aside for INSIDE the structure! I mean you are SURROUNDED by water...but your gonna go inside to swim? :)

  2. I guess I'd have to agree with you- there's no reason for us to ruin more of our beautiful planet. But it does seem like a cool idea. The only thing in this diagram that seems kinda not okay with me is the little floating underwater coffins sticking out from the sides of the city.

    (I know, I know, they're not coffins, but they sure as hell look like coffins.)

  3. since I get nervous just driving over a bridge that stretches over a body of water, there's no way I could live in a floating city!

  4. Errmmm... those things dangling about... are they coffins?

    Seriously... (as a fellow Malaysian, I've never heard of Adre Sarkum :P) I cannot imagine where will the sewage goes to at the end of the day... (floating? eyuk! Why am I even thinking of this?!)

  5. My first thought was: I would be petrified that the structure would break somehow and I would drown. My second thought was: It's like all those movies and shows where people live in space. And then you said it: Have we taken up so much room that we now are moving to the water? It's an interesting concept, but ultimately a very bad idea.

  6. Is it me or do the things hanging out there look like coffins... I would not want to eat sleep or breathe in a coffin:)


  7. Odd, but I am not shocked. I mean, we already have an underwater hotel, so why not homes? Me? No thanks!

  8. Wow! That is really interesting! I've never heard about such a thing, much less seen a picture! I have to admit the idea is pretty cool but truthfully I couldn't imagine living there unless I had no where else to go. I could see using this when we've totally destroyed the land and if it was a last resort (like crazy stuff happening like 2012). I would rather live there then die. But otherwise I'm pretty happy on land. :)

  9. Very cool!!

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