Monday, April 19, 2010

A Ritual of Relaxation only on Friday

I think its so important to treat yourself well. I didn't always feel that way. I would run around all morning, run around all day at work, and then be out doing stuff at night.  I realized I needed some break time, some break time for my mind, where my self and soul could relax and take a deep breathe.  Its funny what my relax time turned into - its kind of simple but when I leave it for Friday after work, its quickly become a time that I look forward to all week. During this break time I slowly walk down the subway stairs, take the long way out and stop by the Dunkin Donuts. I pick up a medium Vanilla Chai, and make sure to ask for a paper cup (they used to use alot of styrofoam). Its warm in my hands, I clear my mind of anything I've been thinking of that day, anything that week. Its all a blur. I slowly let all my worries fade. I walk into the Rainbow Shop that is on my way to the 10 minute bus ride home. I take my time. I love love love my time in this store, they have some of the cutest clothes at such a discount. I walk around, picking up some clothes and looking at the details. I look at the manniquins and see how they are styled, maybe they are wearing some new styles. The website for Rainbow Shop just doesn't do them justice compared to their store. Sometimes I'll buy a dress for maybe 10$ on sale if I find something cute that I like. As I walk around I slowly slip the warm milky chai and it definetly feels like Friday, and I truly feel comfort and like there is nothing else in the world going on besides my time right at that moment, and its absolutely guilt-free. Its a great feeling. Here's my collection of some of the clothes and dresses I've bought. They were each 10$!!

How cute are they!?
What is your ritual of relaxation?


  1. I don't have one, but I sure need one. And strolling through a store alone sounds heavenly. Even if you don't buy anything.

  2. Cute clothes! I don't really have a ritual other than settling into my comfy bed with a good book.

  3. I Super love the second one black and lacy- I bet that will be adorable on ya!

    My fave relaxation thing is at night after the baby goes down to bed, Michael and I have a glass of wine and cuddle up and watch our dvr shows:)

  4. I love the great use of your drawer pull :). It's good for so many things!

    I hit the treadmill for my relaxation time, it is one thing that I can do that is just for me.

  5. Oh, I used to love Rainbow! I used to go to the one on 5th Avenue when I lived in Park Slope, and I always found great stuff! I think there was a Conway by there where I would occasionally find cute house stuff, too! Love your blog, and I will definitely be following! Cheers!

  6. i LOVE top no. 1 and the last one...well actually all of them...such great bargain finds!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me discover yours! now following =)


  7. Dunkin Donuts' Vanilla Chai is sooo good! Those clothes are too cute. I recently started knitting, and it is very relaxing.


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