Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day Commitment Day 5

Yesterday was great - we woke up in the morning, I made eggs (from cardboard carton) with toast from a plastic bag (that holds the bread). The toast was even the fancy kind from Whole Foods, hemp bread, that can help with going to the bathroom (among other things).  Anywho, we're not finished with the bread loaf yet, so I still have some time to think about what I can do with a bread bag, but honestly I'm kind of out of ideas. Its not recylceable so I think it will have to go in my bag of throw away stuff when I'm finished with it. I wonder if there is an alternative to buying bread in plastic  bags??? I will have to look at the grocery store this week when I go shopping and I'll report back.  I wonder why bread packagers wouldn't package bread in paper??? Kinda like when you buy fresh meat/fish at the store and they put these insulater bags around it that are really thick paper.  Then we went into the city for spa week which was really fun! I had a facial and Martin had a massage (if you haven't tried spa week before, you have to try it! its a great way to try out a spa without paying full price) check it out here, and afterwards we went out to grab some grub at this great Indian place. I'm happy to report, no actual garbage made (except our tea bags from breakfast which went into compost).

What I have after Day 5- Sadly my garbage broke the little plastic baggie I had it in, (again I'm putting garbage into a holder of more garbage, I so need biodegradeable plastic bags!) but I have plastic lining from dog food bag, that pesky plastic bag from the snap pea crisps (that does not have the resealable top), 4 plastic lids (3 from Starbucks, 1 from DD) which are going to NJ next weekend to be recycled and so don't really count, a plastic shrink wrap shrip from a glass honey bottle, 3 plastic used honey packets...and thats it! From 5 days we are doing pretty good with the stuff that cannot be composted or recycled.

I'm really excited about this new purchase that will establish our commitment to helping the earth in one more way - we bought a composter! Annoyingly the whole thing is made from plastic, but at least its recycled! And the best part is it can be used inside or outside (good for our apartment), and there is even a little spigot for compost tea that we can put on the plants. (that might be a bit smelly but I'm sure the plants will love it) We got one for Brooklyn and one for at the lakehouse.
Here is a picture  -

Cool right!?
Another purchase I made that I am using for the first time today is a ceramic starbucks cup with a sip lid so that I never have to worry about how to get rid of those pesky plastic lids. I have a problem, I don't know why, but I love those sip lids! I swear the tea tastes better drinking from them.  The cup works great though, holds my tea and all:)

Happy Monday, hope you have a great week!


  1. You know what a good alternative is to buying bread in plastic wrap is? Make your own bread! Most bread mixes come in brown paper boxes- or if you buy the raw ingredients like flour, salt etc...they come in paper sacks or carboard too!!

    PLUS- your house will smell divine with fresh bread baking!!

  2. Shan that is a great idea! you know after I wrote this I started looking up bread that comes in paper bags and I couldn't find any, I found some that comes in biodegradeable plastic (degrades after 18 years but must be in air environment) thats too long! ok maybe I'll try to bake wheat bread, but I'll need to do it once a week, we eat alot of it! :)

  3. I use those bread bags for when I make banana bread. I have also put my other home made breads in them as was mentioned above.

  4. you do an awesome job! I am finding myself inspired by you!

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