Monday, April 12, 2010

Build It Green NYC

I recently found out about this company through work and I had to share with you. Its called Build it Green NYC. Its a company that was started about 5 years ago and has been booming ever since. Build It Green NYC takes donations in the form of well anything basically. From furniture to windows to doors to clawfoot bathtubs (yes they have those at DISCOUNT!) they truly have everything you could ever want and the best part it, its at a discount...and the second best part is...everything must be in good working condition and well kept...and the third best part...alot of this stuff is donated from past film/tv shoots! Some sets were made in advance and if shoots didn't happen, the production company donated it to Build it Green. So there is a chance you could end up with a kitchen from the Rachel Ray Show or a door from the movie Sex in the City. How fun is that!?  I'm so excited about this company mostly because I can go shopping there and find some yummy vintage discounted (!!) stuff and maybe some cool furniture like this for the lakehouse:

How awesome would it be to get a clawfoot bathtub for only 500$?

Or an Antique woodburning stove, that actually works, for only 350$?
Build it Green NYC accepts donations from anyone, which are tax deductible and sells to everyone at

3-17 26th Ave
Astoria, NY 11102

You can go visit on Tuesday - Friday from 10am - 6pm and Saturday from10am - 5pm.

Anyone going to Blogher in NYC in August? What a fun off road trip this would be:)



  1. Next trip up to NYC - I'm stopping by this place! Thanks for the info!

  2. What a great idea and great company!

    When is Blogher? I am going to be in NYC sometime this August....

  3. Nice...even better if someone you were obsessed with touched it. hahaha. Seriously tho, it's a great idea.

  4. Ok. That's it! I am moving to NYC. I wished we had something like that here in town. I would be so much fun!


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