Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Warm Up Hike to celebrate Spring and the Spring Equinox...

We went hiking!! I haven't been hiking in so long, (well a year) and on Sunday morning we were lying in bed thinking, what should we do today? Then the sun came shining through the windows and there was no turning back, we were going hiking! I packed up our backpack a little bowl of dog food and a bowl for water for Lealu, a bottle of water for us and a towel in case we got wet (Delaware Water Gap has an awesome stream and I usually end up putting my feet in!) And off we went the hour and half drive out to the NJ side of Delaware Water Gap. There is a Pa side where there is a cute little town near the Gap where they have cool little restaurants and a jazz festival every year. On our drive we saw a sign that said Walmart, and we stopped in to pick up some juice for the hike (you can never be too prepared)...so we stopped in and let me just say whenever we go to a store, we always end up spending way too much time and money there. We tried to keep it an a minimum, but it was difficult. Martin found water canteens, like the old fashioned kind made of like some kind of leather that you hang on your belt, knife/spoon/fork combinations that have wine openers attached, a soccer ball, large frames (these were for me) that I found for only 3$!, a compass on a keychain (you'd think we were going camping for a week! lol), and finally some juice. He loves survival stuff, we have a closet full already! We made it out to the car barely alive...financially anyways! We finally were driving again towards the Gap. We arrived, we parked, we hiked for about an hour up, and then stopped cause we were just too tired to go all the way up. Then hiked an hour back down. I'm calling this our warm up hike for the summer:) By the time we got home we were pooped from all the hiking...and shopping! :)

It was nice and tranquil sitting by the water-

Isn't this neat? Its like a ladder for fairys!

Can you find the butterfly? It was so camoflauged I didn't think it was there at first!

I'm glad we brought Lealu's food and water cause she was very thirsty after walking up (I just washed old chinese food dishes that came with lids and used them)
And I think Lealu really enjoyed her first hike!


  1. What a gorgeous place to go hiking!

    The pup is gorgeous too!

  2. Looks like a great place and day for a hike! My husband is the same way - whenever we do something like that, he buys a bunch of stuff to take along just in case. Love the dog!

  3. Found you on SISTAS. Great post! Hiking is such a fun thing to do, especially at this time of the year when we really need a Nature Fix.

  4. I bet she was pooped too! I couldn't find the butterfly. hahaha.

  5. What a beautiful hike. I need to get out hiking now that the weather is nice.

  6. Lovely! I just love taking photographs. I loved the fungi on the tree. The dog is so cute. I just love dogs, cats, birds (not flying near me though) ok all animals. I am so weak!

  7. Beautiful! A bit different view than our Saturday hike to Valley of Fire by Lake Mead! :-)
    (Stopping by from SITS)


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