Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She's actually leaving...

Well the time has finally come...its been drawn out enough I suppose but my favorite character (well one of them anyway can't forget Meredith and Christina) on my favorite show is LEAVING!! Katherine Heigl from Greys Anatomy is leaving the show! I remember her cancer, her leaving Alex, her being fired all like it was yesterday. Its so sad I guess because it is my FAVORITE show. Its the show that Martin and I sit down to and actually watch together with a glass of wine. Its the show that makes me feel all excited when I know a part of anatomy they are talking about from learning it in Acupuncture school. Its just my favorite. And it won't be the same without her! Its so funny how I can become so attached to show, I know its fake and the people are just actors but honestly it was kind of funny and weird seeing the article with her picture, initially I was thinking (before my rational mind stepped in) why is she on the computer? She should be with Alex and I should only be seeing her on Thursday nights at Seattle Grace Hospital. lol I know I've become insanely way too addicted to this show.  Rest in peace Izzy Stevens!

Do you have a show that you are way too addicted to?


  1. I LOVE Grey's Anatomy as well, but I am not as upset with Kathryn Heigl leaving. I really liked her character in the first few seasons, but I found her annoying during the whole "I am having visions of Denny" thing.

    And I am sort of annoyed with her for saying negative things about the writers and the show. Yes, she did acting before the show, but Grey's Anatomy made her a star. I would think that she would be grateful for her opportunity and finish out her contract instead of pitching a fit to get out of it.

    When I rewatch the earlier seasons I miss Izzy the way she was and now I am sort of over her. Which I guess is good since she won't be on anymore!

    Christina is my favorite character on that show! If she left I would probably cry myself to sleep for weeks!

  2. I love Grey's! Did they really have to throw George under a bus??? I also love: Lost, 24, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and Castle. I am a TV junkie!!!

  3. Oh yeah, I love my Greys!But you know that! Your my person!!!


    I'll miss Izzy. But I'm glad she has such great stuff going on in her personal life (she adopted a sweety baby!)

  4. I'm glad she's leaving. I didn't really care for her.

    My top fave show is Lost.

  5. Never seen Greys- ever! I do LOVE the office though!!

  6. I tried watching Grey's and loved it while I was marathoning it on DVD but it just couldn't keep my interest when watching it in real time. Christina was always my fave though.

  7. My hubs is an ER doc so I don't watch Grey's or any other meddical show for that matter. i feel like I live the show in real life (for better or WORSE sometimes!) It can be stressful. LOVE your blog

  8. HI! Found you through FF and loving your blog!! I'm following you now!

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