Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My 5 Fave 2010 Winter Olympic moments

The past weeks I've been watching the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver...alot. See last week I was knocked on the couch with a pretty bad stomach bug for Wed, Thursday and then I went to work on Friday, I did, but they sent me home cause of the huge blizzard. I didn't complain as I snuggled in my couch potatoness with my dry toast and chamomile tea (always helps my stomach) and watched the Winter Olympics! It was so great to be able to watch, usually I have had school/work/other things going on. I thought I'd write my 5 favorite moments, so here they are!

1- When Lindsey Vohn raced down the ski slope and won the gold on the downhill ski event. At the end of  the race her smile was so bright and she look so relieved, like she knew she won. She looked like this:

2- Shaun White winning the gold in snowboarding and when he did his victory lap with a new beautifully landed jump, makes me want to snowboard! Here's the link, sorry can't embed just click here to watch!

3- When Lindsey Vohn fell on her ski on course during the really bad foggy day and her rival behind her, Julia Mancuso, had to stop half way down, go back up and do another run. Drama drama drama!
To watch a video on Julia click here

4- When Kim Yu-Na representing South Korea, she is a big celebrity there especially now, won the gold and skated a perfect performance with a 150 score! After the race she smiled so radiantly and so did her coach. When she find out her score her eyes just lit up! Click here to see her skate!

5- and last but not least! Apolo Ohno winning gold in speed skating, in one race he went inside everyone and made it to the front! it was so awesome to see. here is a video of him in the 1000 meter race!

What were your favorite 2010 Winter Olympic moments?


  1. Def watching Apolo, he skates amazingly and that sport is so upredictable. I also loved watching the ice skating, the Korean girl was amazing, and I have to say the US girl did really well for herself and her own personal best.

  2. I totally get chills when I see moments like these on tv. So awesome!

  3. my favorite moment was the closing ceremonies because that means THE OFFICE is back on


  4. The womens skeleton, the ski cross races and the alpine races. Great action

  5. We didnt watch nearly as much this year as in previous years...but Shawn and Onno were my faves too.

    LoL to speaking from the crib about the Office. SO TRUE!!


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