Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are people really eating sealmeat now?

This morning I was on the train on my way into work reading the Metro newspaper. I opened to a page that had a picture of seal, I'm thinking oh the article will talk all about how awesome seals are and that we have to save the seals or something. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! The article wasn't about saving these beautiful water loving animals, it was all about how it is good to EAT them! Maybe I've watched too many kids movies where seals are the nice friendly animal with the cute eyes and the little flipper tail, or I've been to too many aquariums...but I just think it is absolutely horrible like the worst thing someone could ever do to eat seal. Imagine, you are sitting down at dinner, you look at your burger/piece of meat on your place in front of you, maybe you smile to the person next to you and laugh at a joke, you pick up your burger and take a bite. Mmmm this meat is good, only its a SEAL!! a pretty frolicky ar-ar-aring seal! Honestly I think I would be sick. So the article goes on to talk about how in Canada the parliamentarians all got together and ate a big meal of seal, in order to defy animals rights activists and the EU, who has banned the killing of seals. In support of something they call the annual hunt off Canada's east coast in March and April these government officials got together to stuff their faces with seal meat. Well, Canada may be beautiful but the people representing it are certainly not humaine and are on my list of the worst people I've ever heard of. In Greenland they are eating seal dogs....YUCK.  Here's what Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette, the organizer of the meal said "We're sending a message to the European parliamentarians ... we want to say something so that opponents do not take to the floor with lies." (taken from the NY Metro)  I don't know how there could be lies involved, you either eat seal or you don't.

(picture thanks to NY Metro)

What do you think? Would you eat seal?


  1. Yuck...I must have seen all the same childhood movies as you because I wouldn't eat it either! What's next? Dolphin?

  2. I have the opposite reaction! I watched March of the Penguins, so now I always think of seals as the terrible enemy, lurking around to kill poor, innocent penguins.

    Isn't it crazy how much movie characterization influences how we view things?

  3. I wouldn't eat a seal either. We used to live on the central CA coast and when you'd walk into town, they would be sunbathing right next to you along the walkway by the bay. They are cute but are also needed for other animals - the circle of life thing, but not for humans.
    Love your blog! I'll be following!
    Laura@Enjoying the Simple things

  4. Poor seals :( We would go see the seals all the time at Pier 39 in San Francisco until they randomly disappeared.

  5. I would not, could not eat a seal! I have eaten venison before, and even alligator. But to eat a way. I find that disturbing.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following you too.

  6. What!?! Sick, sick, sick! Okay, I mean, I barely eat meat at all, so that may affect it, but still...ewww.

  7. Yuck! That is disturbing. I wouldn't eat it. I'm not much of a meat eater. I try not to think about where it comes from when I do eat it.


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