Monday, January 25, 2010

turning 29 - is there such thing as a 2nd quarter life crisis?

This passed weekend my sister and I went to my cousins (my little fellow aqua girl is turned 8) for a girls night. We don't get to spend much quality time with her when we're visiting because we both have to get back for work, sig others or wedding planning (for her). It was a fun night, she had gotten this magic trick box and so her and I, while waiting for my sister to get there from her 7 hour drive, put together a magic show. It was so much fun lol. We put together the missing bunny in the hat, the missing ball, pulling out rabbits from an egg. It was alot of fun. After that we watched a movie (I think it was called or something like it) Sprout as we were passing out to sleep. Sprout is this cute movie that includes little snippets of tv shows about a boy who starts out not having any friends and after he makes friends with aliens, they take off his braces and they help him to gain human friends. Its a cute movie and helps kids I'm sure to realize how much better his life is to have friends vs his life without friends. The next morning, my aunt and uncle made us eggs, and we played a game with her. My sister and I left and did our driving tour of NJ visiting the family, my mom, my dad, Starbucks (I was allowed it was the weekend!) We arrived at my cousins at around 4 and had a little family party for both her and myself. Yeah if I forgot to mention it, my birthday is coming up (not yet) but what we usually do, because we live far away is merge birthdays that are close to eachother and have one party! So my cousin and I being the fellow aquarians, had a dual birthday party. My cousin even got me cute balloons that had my name on it, how sweet is that:) Its so funny with my sister and myself being as old as we are and her being 8, how we can still do kids stuff and have fun lol. My cousin and her little friend who were there performed the magic show in front of everyone and got a great big applause. It was such a fun day and it always reminds me, with spending time with everyone especially her, how important and special it is to have family there for me. You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned how old I'm turning, (its actually in a few days so I have time for my little breakdown), its 29!!!! For some reason I didn't think I would be freaking out or anything, and I guess I'm just a little nervous about turning 30. Its not even the age of actually being 30, its just the anticipation of it. Only 1 more  year of my 20's left. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy in my life right now, I love my hubs and love what I'm going to school for, and happy to have a job, but I've always been a bit extreme when it came to changes or things happening in my life, and I want this big step to reflect that part of myself and turning 29 also makes me want to reevaluate everything I did during my 20's and make sure I do something alittle crazy for 29...I don't think this is a quarterlife crisis or anything, I pretty much been there and did that when I decided to go to law school for a year, maybe I'll go skydiving (Martin can watch, he's justifiably not into that!), maybe I'll swim with sharks...I don't know what it is, but I want to do something like that, something that will send off my last year of my 20's with a little bang ya know? What would you do? Did you do anything crazy during your last year of your 20's?


  1. I spent the end of my twenties getting married! And then the first year of my 30's trying to get knocked up;)

    Skydiving might be less complicated way to!

    Happy almost birthday!!!

  2. Bwahwahahhaha Shannon's comment makes my abs hurt!

    I totally wasnt aware of 29 being a big year, until it was like a month before 30 then I freaked.

    Then a week AFTER 30 I realized that I was ready to start a new decade filled with the lessons of the past decade and not remaking the same mistakes over and over again. Go for joy and happiness instead of drama.;) So far,, 30 is my favorite year of ALL...

    and that says a lot

    because there are 29 other years to compete!

  3. I have already forgotten how it feels turning 30s
    Have a great day!xx

  4. i turn 30 next week, and running some of the same things. My bottom line is that we can't turn back the clock, so we embrace the future. (until things sag at least!)

  5. I was a rather dull 'twenty-something', I'm afraid. No big bang here. I believe it would be more classified as a small whimper.

    Of course, seeing as that it was umpteen years ago that I turned 30, take my memory for what it's worth.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me comment love!

    Peace and serenity,
    'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'

  6. Stopping by via SITS.

    I spent entering my last year in the 20's pregnant, giving birth, & moving. Then entered my 30's by being carried home by my sober husband. It was a painful birthday present recouping and being reminded I'm not as young as my 21 yr old SIL. I loved every minute of it, well at least the parts I could remember.

    Have a great day.

  7. When I turned 29 Last summer I completely forgot how old I was's very boing and it was a horrible year for me so here's to 30 this summer and hope you have a freaking blast....:)


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