Friday, January 15, 2010

Airlines aren't giving freebies - A Frugal Tip for when you fly

Recently whenever I go somewhere I've been experiencing a well I hate to say it but a "cheapness" on airlines. An example, when we flew to Mexico on American Airlines last year, we didn't get anything during the flight except water. I mean no little bag of preztals, no glass of juice, NOTHING.  Not even the ear wigs that I remember used to be free on every flight so we could watch the one of the 2 tv's they had on the whole plane. I even remember once going on a flight when I was 16 (wow I feel old saying that considering how long ago it was) and getting a little Virgin Atlantic bag with goodies in it! This past trip we flew Continental and, being an overnight flight, they had given us a breakfast in the morning, water and a little baggie of preztals. It was nice we each had our own little tv set in front of us, but still not ear wigs.  Granted, you can buy any of these things on the flight, they will cost you though. Water is 5 dollars and the ear wigs are 3. I brought my own ear wigs from ipod and Martin and I shared them, just the thought of throwing away money, any money, even 3$, enabled me to watch a sci-fi and him to watch a romantic comedy (which he actually ended up liking I think). Somehow I misplaced them in the travel, and so on the way home on our 10 hour flight, I was forced to fork over 3$ for new ones. It annoyed me so much. I still have them now and am determined to use them on every flight we go on and with my ipod! lol.  The airline also totally allows you to buy food and drinks and bring them on the plane as long as you buy them in the airport. The airport is alot cheaper than the airplane so I recommend it. We weren't sure but I proved Martin wrong when I walked onto the plane with my Starbucks and a smile on my face! :) and ps "Its All About Steve" isn't so bad!

This Fridays Frugal tip - bring your own food and drinks and earwigs whenever you fly!


  1. My mom suggested bringing the packets of like drink mix that you can put in water bottles. and EMPTY water bottles and then when you get inside fill up with the water fountains!:) Free drink!

    Also I always buy an apple juice and gum to make sure my belly is content and keep my ears from popping!:)

    PS who has ever called them ear wigs?

  2. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! I LOVED all the comment love and now I'm here to spread it around!

    I was going to ask the ear wig question too...

  3. lol D thats a great idea to be bring little packets of stuff to put in the free water they give you!! very smart of your mom:) i don't know... I thought thats what you they were called? aren't they called that??

    Thanks for stopping by allycupe! see D they are called ear wigs! :)

  4. I rarely ever fly so this is good to know. I keep hearing about airlines raising prices on luggage. It's crazy. Makes me happy I don't fly but once every few years. I'd like to travel more, I just don't have anywhere to go that's not going to cost me an arm and a leg.

  5. Lisa that is another great point! The luggage cost for each checked bag was 20 bucks. It was seriously ridiculous, mostly because I remember when the first bag, as long as it was under 50 lbs was free. It ended up costing us 40$ there and 40$ back just to carry our luggage! Martin said next time he's going to just bring a carryon. I think I might try that too. thanks Lisa!! :)


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