Friday, December 18, 2009

Frugal Tip Friday - this is way cheaper than an ipod!

Lately I've been getting Christmas gifts ready, you know, wrapping, putting bows on and I've been thinking about what I could do as a little gift for people at work or in addition to a classic scarf/hat combo gift. And I've figured out an inexpensive gift that will work, Chocolate!! Everything's better around the holidays with chocolate, so I got a big bag of neslie's, a container of preztals, a bag of caramels, and a bag of marshmellows and went to town. I used a large soup pot we have to boil water, next I took a silver bowl we have to put on top of the top strainer part of a seperate elevated part of the pot (so its out of the water but still gets melted).

**QUICK NOTE - DO NOT PUT WATER IN WITH CHOCOLATE when melting! I added some cause I thought it would be easier to fill the molds but figured this out with a batch too late, and the batch wouldn't harden! I found out later that water actually ruins the good tasting dark chocolate, so no water!

As the chocolate continues to melt, I used a spoon and just mixed it up alittle. Then I took caramels, preztals and marshmellows and started my dipping! I dipped and also used a chocolate mold that I got from Michaels. Its very cute and makes little present looking chocolate pieces on the top of the preztal sticks! It does take some time for the chocolate to harden, about an hour in the fridge, or like the first night I made them, it took all night for them to harden when left out!

** Another note (although this one isn't as serious as above) buy baking sheets to put the chocolate on so it can dry, then when you pull off the candy, the whole piece comes off the sheet and looks pretty! I used our non stick pan and, well some of the chocolate is still on the pan! but live and learn right?

Aside from the ones Martin stole as he conveniently walked by to get a drink of water, I made quite a bit of chocolates for gifts. I have little clear baggies (from Michaels) that I put them in for people at work, everyone gets 2 chocolate preztals, 2 marshmellows, and 2 caramels, 1 tin of chocolates for my dad, and another container for my sister. Now I just have to make some more for the inlaws, Martin (cause I feel bad I had to slap him on the wrist), Gram, 2 aunts, a nice neighbor at the lakehouse, and 2 friends...jeez thats like 8 more batches!! Well I know what I'm doing this weekend:)


  1. I love the triple dipped pretzels! Melt down the caramels with water or milk and dip pretzels in it. Let harden. Follow with a dip in white chocolate (almond bark) and then drizzle dark chocolate over the top. So yummy!

  2. oooo thanks Kelli!!! That is a great idea!! I'm totally going to do that this weekend:) I'll take pics to blog! :)

  3. Glad you finally tried making chocolate dipped pretzels! Aren't they yummy, and easy?? You have a very lucky office!!

  4. Just passing by to wish you,
    Merry Xmas my best wishes to you and to your family!!


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