Friday, November 27, 2009

Frugal Tip Friday - make your own invites for a Christmas party or other party!

Frugal Tip Friday today will be talking about party invites! This year is the time for parties, Christmas parties, holiday parties, wedding parties and even birthday parties! and invites can get expensive. So what to do with a small budget? Planning for the party itself can rack up your budget, so why not make your own invites? This is what I did. I'm planning for 2 parties, whose invites have to go out before Christmas, my sisters bridal shower, and my husbands surprise bday party! My sister shower invites I bought at Michaels on sale for 10$. They were originally wedding invites, and I just used a few of the pieces to make it alittle less formal for bridal shower invites. You will need the invites, a computer and a printer with black ink.

First, create a cute saying that will go on your invite! I found a site that sold invites and used one that sounds like this -

"Before the Miss
Becomes a Mrs.
Lets shower (insert name here)
with love and good wishes!"

Cute right? Here is how they came out after I printed them on the paper provided in the kit.

Not bad for 10 $ right? The next invites are for Martins surprise party and my sister actually made them for me! She is an amazing artist and even has her own card company called Beach Greetings LLC (she is taking bulk orders if you're interested! So she drew the cover of the invite cardstock (which you purchase at Staples) and then is going to print the type on the inside flap! Cool right? As long as you purchase the card stock, you can draw pretty much anything you want! Unfortunately the picture is not coming out when I upload the picture, but you can check out her awesome work on her site!

and in honor of thanksgiving weekend,

What I am thankful for:

cranberries in apple pie
roasted brussel sprouts, mmmm
my wonderful family
amazing awesome and the bestest friends ever
starbucks tea this morning before coming into a completely quiet office!
my wonderful, sweet, hot and sexy, awesome husband who I am so lucky to have in my life!
the feeling of having a full belly and cuddling after eating,
time today to send my sisters bridal shower invites out!!!

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! We are off to Jersey for leftovers:)


  1. Would it also be considered frugal just to have you make them for us? YOu are so good at it!

  2. Wow- I recieved my invite the same day you posted this! The mail must have come FAST!!! lol.

    These are LOVELY! The bows around them are the crowning touch. They look really proffesional- how great they are homemade- go you!


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