Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pennsylvania Trip October 2009

Pennsylvania is so gorgeous this time of year! The trees looks like big valley dips of different colored puff balls sloping up and down. I just wanted to jump out of the car and slide down one! Luckily the car door was locked and I couldn't get out! hehe. Its a back at work after a 3 day weekend joke:)

The roads were dug through the mountains, it was so nice to think that while we were driving through an ordinary tunnel, we were actually going inside the heart of a mountain too. There were doors in the tunnel that I'm sure led to little hideaways in the mountain too. So pretty!

While we were visiting my sister and her fiance in Pittsburgh, we went out to see the Cirque de Soliel show Allegria. (sorry, no cameras were allowed!!) I've seen the circus before, like the Ringling Bros in NY, but this was like nothing I've ever seen before. It was amazing, in the beginning like a creepy nightmare that turns into a magical dream where all the characters wave goodbye at the end as you begin to wake up. The music was weird and alittle spooky in the beginning, it went like this da da (the first too medium tone) and the next tone da was long and strung out and went low and the next da was medium tone. I'm not explaining it exactly right but I guess because the music wasn't exactly high pitched and had so high pitches in it, it made me slightly uncomfortable! which may have been a motivation when writing to the music to grab the audience's attention? but I got used to it. The main woman singer was dressed in a white tootoo with this large white web surrounding it that sort of held it down and swirled with her as she moved. The other characters had lots of weird funny faces, kind of like that you would see in a dream or a nightmare. They did things like swing on a high swing and do gymnastic moves, they had trapeze artists and gymnasts doing jumping sequences on a trampoline that rolled out from the floor. As the show went on, the nightmarish turned into dreamlike with lighter music. There was one scene where a single lone man (with a weird face) came out and put himself inside a large silver circle and rolled. It was amazing and with some sad music in the background (sad I mean it was like a lullabye but with low keys) it seemed like we were watching this sad lonely child play by himself. All of the little scenes were dreamlike or childlike in that way, it was as if the cast played like that every day and we were just watching them this one day. It was magical beautiful to see. In the middle of each scene when they'd have to prepare for the next, two oddly dressed clowns came out and one made a paper airplane and was throwing it and the other was playing with his toy horse. At the end all the characters actually did come out and wave goodbye, I felt like a little kid again after a funny dream where I had met all these odd creatures and I wanted to stand up and wave back to them.

After the show we went out to eat and then back to my sisters apartment. My sisters apartment is so so pretty. She has a degree is studio art and has always been an amazing painter, and this has leeked into her designing. She always has such style in decorating, where she can completely transform an area with one flower, or manages place something in such a way that the area looks like it was specifically put there for a purpose so that even the apple that spilled . I wish she would come to my apartment and help!! :) I posted some pics for you to see how she designs!


  1. Those pics of the trees are amazing! That's neat to see all the colors.

    I've never seen Cirque de Soliel, but I really want to! I've heard their shows rock.

    Your sister seems like a cool gal! I like her apartment :)

  2. Your sister is very talented! Sounds like you had a great time!

  3. OMG Nikki - Dave and I were close to that area this past weekend - went through the same tunnels!! The foliage is AMAZING! I completely agree! Love the mountains this time of year...just breathtaking color! We were only about an hour or so away from Pittsburgh...too funny. We actually went over and checked out good old Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney after we ran a race there :)

    I would love to see CdS sometime! Have never seen it before and have heard wonderful things :)

    And I agree...Stef's apartment looks really artsy and cozy! Nice!

  4. thanks for your comments guys! wow, that is so funny Laura that you were right by there over the weekend!! don't you just love those tunnels?? so cooool:) next time we'll have to meet up! we stopped by the bass pro shop again on the way home, (the one right by your wedding), we're becoming regulars lol:)

  5. Beautiful pictures Nic Nic!! The show sounds really great- I would have LOVED it if you had stood up and waved back at them!! That would have been awesome!! Although Martin might have been embarassed! :)

    Love Stefs apt- and I super love that she uses a coat rack to hang her necklaces! that is totally clever!!

  6. I love autumn and your pictures look fantastic, thanks for sharing

  7. The picture above the table, I love! The one above the desk too. Did she paint those? You guys are adorable!

  8. Hahaha! I love that you keep visiting Bass Pro! That is so funny...we could have driven right by each other! LOL! :) It would be great to meet up sometime :) Love ya!

  9. Love the leaves!!!
    I used to live in Ohio and I loved fall time to see the leaves change.
    Here in Alaska, the leaves change only to one color and they change after 2 weeks then fly off!

  10. My neighbor loves the Cirque de Solei or whatever its called or spelled. She's been to like everyshow and her house is covered in Cirque pictures and stuff.

    I love the photos, Fall is so beautiful and peaceful!


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