Friday, October 23, 2009

Frugal Tip Friday! How to be more Frugal for your Skin

Did you ever think that this more inexpensive olive oil would work as well and be better for your skin than this very expensive cream?? It does! And its probably sitting in your kitchen right now! A few weeks ago as the weather started to become more falllike, I noticed that my skin was becoming more dry. It started to become flaky and even my face started to get those dry patches of rough skin after I'd wash it at night. The lotion I usually use, which has become a little expensive for me, was on its last squeeze and so I was stuck with trying to put matte makeup over dry skin. During the summer, this was no problem. It was even better to use matte makeup for my skin during the summer, but now the stuff wouldn't even rub in. I called my sister (who is Miss Frugal, she has 2 ba's, and is in grad school for teaching, and works three jobs to put herself through school-

Me: Hey Miss Frugal! (I don't actually call her that:))
Sister: Hey Nik.
Me: My skin is horribly dry.
Sister: oooo, Its been cold here and dry too and I've been using olive oil.
Me: Like the olive oil in the kitchen for food?
Sister: Yeah, just keep it in a little bottle in the bathroom and you can use it for you face before sleep or in the morning, I use it on my legs and elbows too.

So I say I'll try it. We hang up. My mom and I make soaps and we've used olive oil to as an ingredient but I never thought about using it directly on the skin. That night I tried it. The next morning, no joke, my skin was as soft as that really soft part on the inside of my arm, you know that part? The kind of flabby part? (well flabby on me anyway!) It was great and so smooth. So now, when I need lotion for dryness or just to get some extra moisture, I just go the kitchen and grab some olive oil! I use some for husband as well, he is outside alot for work and so his face and shaved head get dry. I put some on my hands and run it into his face and all over his shaved head (I'm laughing thinking about how that sounds! lol), and whala, smooth and soft again! If you have oily skin I wouldn't recommend it, but during this time of the year, even oily skin might become dry. Its inexpensive, all natural, no any chemicals added and it lasts way longer than regular cream or night cream because you need less to accomplish the same goal, moisturizing your skin!

And here's why olive oil isn't just inexpensive but great for your skin too, from The Examiner and click on the article: Natural beauty info 101: Is olive oil good for my skin?

"Free radicals which cause signs of ageing and skin cancer are fought by the anti oxidants found in olive oil. With studies showing that topically applied olive oil directly after sun exposure decreases the number of skin cancer in mice...Olive oil, is however, better known for it's beauty benefits than the scientific ones. With linoleic acid, it helps moisturize and give elasticity to the skin because linoleic acid helps the skin retain vital moisture by locking water in. However, skin won't make its own linoleic acid so an outside source like that from olive oil has to be ingested or applied."

Try some of your kitchen olive oil as lotion and let me know what you think!
Frugal Tip Friday - helping eachother to become more frugal in todays world!

ps Coming Monday I'll be blog swapping for the group 20something bloggers for the day with Ami at, stop by her blog and check her out! While she blogs about LA goodness, I'll be over at her place blogging about...(enter suspence here:))well you just have to stop by and check it out! fuuuuuuuuuuuun stuff!


  1. Hello. Visiting from SITS. Loving your blog.

  2. You can use it on your hair too.

  3. Hi Kimberly! Thanks for stopping by and for you comment:) Glad you like my blog!!

    Kys - Ooooooo I didn't know you could use it for your hair!!?? That is awesome!! I'm always look for good hair stuff, as my hair is usually chemically damaged in some way:)

  4. Wow! Awesome - so you just rub it in like lotion?

  5. yeah just like lotion, but you'd use a little less.

  6. I had no idea. Yes, I definitely have some of that in my cabinet.

  7. sweet! I have been needing some new lotion! and living in MN, my skin gets super dry during the winter.

  8. That is such a good idea!

    One of my mum's coworkers said to put a bit of sugar in lemon juice and then rub it on your hands to make them really soft. I did it and it works!

    Happy SITS Saturday sharefest!


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