Friday, October 16, 2009

How to be more Frugal - Frugal tip Friday!

First, I got a new blog look!! I hope you like it! Emma over at Indie Chick Designs did it for me, and even installe with no additional charge! She's awesome:)

and now for Frugal Tip Friday:) I read an article in the NY Metro a few days ago about how this current economy is being considered "The Great Recession" and is being compared to the Great Depression. The article discussed how the idea of The American Dream is quicly waning and how young people of today are just wanting to get a job. I just think thats kind of sad that the idea of the American Dream, white picket fence, owning your own home, kids in the yard is a distant far off illusion rather than an attainable situation. This is where "Frugal tip Fridays" comes in! I want to create some place, even if virtual, where we can all learn from eachother on how to be frugal and hopefully beat out this "Great Recession". Here's how it works - Write your Frugal Tip Friday and display the Frugal Tip Friday button! Or, if you'd rather leave a comment with your Frugal Tip, feel free to do that too! I think this will be a great way for us all to learn how to be more frugal:)

First Frugal tip - Instead of spending 15 dollars on 2 or 3 premade meals, spend 15 dollars on buying whole foods and get more food for your buck! For 15$ you can buy all of this-

2$- head of cauliflower
2$ head of broccolli
2-3$ small bag of red potatos
2-3$ brussel sprouts
2.50$ kale
2.50$ swiss chard

All of that for only 15$!! I usually take the cauliflower, broccoli, potatos and brussel sprouts, mix them with garlic and olive oil and roast for 1 hour. Everything comes mashed slightly together and they taste so good! This usually lasts us about about 5 days for 2 people to have with chicken or meatloaf for dinner.

As for the kale and swiss chard, these you can sauteed with olive oil and little butter with garlic for about 20 minutes. The kale I add a splash of lemon afterwards for taste, and the swiss chard, I add a splash of balsamic vinegar again for taste:)

So thats it for Frugal Tip Friday! Have a tip that you want to share!? Just grab the button below and leave a comment that you were here!



  1. Hey girl! This looks great- I love it! How come you didn't tell me you were doing a blog makeover?!?Anyway it's adorable! Thanks for the veggie cooking tips! I still make broccoli and brussel sprouts how you taught me in Brooklyn! I call it "Broccoli ala Nicole"


  2. I wanted to surprise you!! :) Glad you like it girlfriend!! ooo I remember that recipe and making salmon from the chinese little deli! I wonder if during blogher next year for our reunion, if we could like rent the apt for one night and sleep over there! actually maybe just visit:) I remember the cigarette smoke and doggy smell was pretty bad!!! :)

  3. Great new look.

    It's always better to buy fresh food and cook. Healthier for the bank balance and the waistline

  4. Thanks for the tip. I LOVE the new look of your blog. She did a great job!

  5. Your blog looks great! I try not to buy prepared meals. Try - I don't always succeed.

  6. i love love love this new look!!!

    so true about your tips today. whole foods is the way to go! :)

  7. Hey there! Never been here before but I like the look. =)

    Good tips, too.

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!!

  8. Love the new look!! It's super cute! Thanks for the comment this week on my blog!


  9. I like the blog look.

    I wish we all liked veggies more. I mean, I like them but my husband doesn't. So he'd be all, "What am I going to eat?" every five minutes and annoy the ever loving crap out of me...

  10. I think your blog looks wonderful!! I think this is a grea tpost too. I live in San Francisco Bay Area and I had to move 2hrs away from my job (commute hrs) just to get my piece of the American Dream.

  11. Something for you on SFA when the next post goes up.

  12. Your new blog is ADORABLE! I LOVE the polka dots. Oh, and rather than buy prepared meals? I just don't cook. Much, much easier!


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