Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple picking at Ochs Orchard Warwick NY

This past weekend for Labor Day my sister Stef and her fiance came to the lakehouse to visit for a bit. It was so much fun to hang out with them, especially cause its been so long. They live in Pittsburgh Pa and we are in New York, NJ area so with work and just other things going on, we sometimes only get to visit once every few months. On the Saturday Stef and I had a girls day of going to Michaels shop where I bought new yarn and we made a mock floral arrangement centerpiece for her wedding tables! She is doing light green sagey colored hydrangea's with fusia pink roses in the middle in a clear circular short vase with a sagey colored ribbon tied around it. Can't wait! My gift to her is doing her flowers, so I'm ordering them to get to the house we're staying at together for her wedding weekend on the Thursday night (we'll be there late) and I'll be bringing all the vases, sagey ribbon, ribbons for the bouquets, along with pins. Afterwards we went to Starbucks and had coffee and tea and just sat and talked and talked! It was a great time and I miss doing that with my sister. There is nothing like sitting with a girlfriend and talking and talking without a care about time or if the other person would rather be doing something else, or well you get the point, it was just really nice! After that we drove home and walked Lealu the puppy around the lake. After that the boys got home from a drink fest at the Renne Faire lol and we had dinner and watched some movies. The next day, we woke up late and watched more movies (no cable there so just lots and lots of dvds!) and then went apple picking at this great place called Ochs Orchards in Warwick New York. It is only a drive of about 10 minutes from north jersey, Greenwood Lake area. The old farmhouse store had a bunch of handmade delights including pumpkin bread mix and lots of canned items. (I took a peak at there canned tomatos as I'm thinking about doing that!) It was a beautiful little farmy homey place where even though the paint was coming off the walls in some places and dirt was visible on the outside of the store, it still felt clean. You know that feeling? When you are somewhere that might not be so clean visibly but the warmth and hominess of the place either makes you not realize the not so cleanness or you just accept the dirt as part of what makes the farmy place so homey? lol I'm rambling alittle (i'm still on my detox diet and this is day 2). It was a great time and the apples looked (and tasted) sooooo delicious and sweet and juicy! Our big huge bag costed us 12 dollars (but it was a bag that will last both of us all week and with as many apples as we eat, thats pretty good!) It is definetly something fun to do if you're looking to get out of the house, pick some fresh fruit and spend some time with friends. They also had blueberries, peppers, tomatos, pears and peaches. I can't wait to go back and pick some more!


  1. How totally fun!!! Please give Miss Stephie big hugs from me. The wedding arrangments sound beautiful!:)

  2. Wow lookslike you had a great weekend. I'm jealous you got to pick apples and stuff. I love going to farms and getting fresh local produce. It's simply the best!!

  3. thanks for the comments guys!

    Shan I'll definetly post the pics (and I think you'll see them at her wedding too! :))

    Lisa Anne - right on! it is so nice to have fresh produce. there should be some awesome apple festivals coming up soon!!

  4. First of I think its super awesome that your gifting flowers to your sister and making them all by hand, thats the sweetest thing ever.

    Second of all, I love love love fruit-picking places, we used to go to "brown's berry patch' near lake ontario/rochester every year to get berries and stuff. YUM.

    Thirdly. I totally know the 'hang out and talk about life with a good close friend', and I too was lucky enough to do that this weekeend with my 'big sis'. :) (aka Shan!).

  5. awwww thanks D! Can't wait to get all the stuff for the flowers and be able to actually put them together! Oooo Brown's berry patch sounds awesome! That whole area up there must have awesome farms and apple fests! are you and kevin going to go to one? I know! you totally did get to hangout with your "big sis" too!!! I hope you can make to the girls thing and then we can have a big girls talk! :)


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