Monday, August 10, 2009

Collins visit to NYC and some other old friends

Our friend Collin came to visit NYC from Scotland recently. We had a great time and went to a few different places in NYC. We met up with old friends who we went to New York Film Academy with (thats where Collin and I met) at Penn Station one of the days and then went on a little journey through the city. First, we went to the Starbucks on West 4th Street (how can you come to NY and not go to the Starbucks??) :) Afterwards we went into the theatrical bar/restaurant Jekyll & Hyde and had a few pints and some lunch. We had calamari and I had a big ceasar chicken salad, which was delicious! It was interesting too because while we were sitting at the tables there is a man who is dressed in a suit and walks around and talks to everyone and finds out interesting information. Then during the meal, he intercoms a mic from a back room that sounds like its coming from either a dead manaqin, or a scary mounted wolf head! It was fun to watch and made a young kid laugh:) Then as we were leaving my sly husband chatted with him for awhile, went into his back secret mic area and he started talking to me from the wolf head! lol. The man started talking about acupuncture school etc and asked if I would give him some and I told him I wasn't licensed (across a room of people!) and he said "what do you do at your school? kegstands??" lol. It was actually really funny because the guy said it in a really funny voice! So in case you go to Jekyll & Hyde, remember that if you'd like your children to laugh or want to embarress your husband/wife or whoever just talk to the man who is dressed in a suit who looks like this:) After the restaurant we walked around a bit and went up to the Highline. The Highline is this new above ground elevated railroad turned park. It was so pretty with all the flowers planted and it was nice to be above the car honks and fumes:) They are even making a few organic cafes up there to stop by at! It was a nice walk. After that we stopped by a nearby pub and played darts (three of us tied!) And then it was time to say goodbye to the old friends as they headed off to Penn Station and two back to the city and Collin back with us to our place. It was great to reconnect with old friends and see where everyone is now.

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