Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Great opportunity to have your favorite funny wedding memory published!

This a great opportunity! Do you have some funny memories of your wedding day? where something went wrong but then turned out to be the moment that contributed to the originality of the day? WS Publishing Group (http://wsmailserver.weddingsolutions.com/cl.php?cu=1309056&iu=7&cr=159&cl=outbind%3A%2F%2F806-00000000B096F87DC9BDC742958BB4452080E42AA4037400%2Fwww.wspublishinggroup.com), creators of 30 of the top-selling wedding books on the market, is in the planning stages of a new book title on humorous wedding mishaps and YOUR wedding could be one chosen to be in the book!! Here is the description of what they are looking for:

"This is not a book about wedding tragedies; this is a tongue-in-cheek, smile-through-the-tears look at the realities and setbacks of wedding planning and the wedding day.
Please send us your funny and crazy wedding calamity stories. We want to know how your best-laid plans went awry or about the mishap that seemed like a nightmare during your wedding, but is something you laugh about now.
Also, tell us the lesson that came from the calamity -- how a misfortune turned into a blessing in disguise or the important lesson on keeping your sanity through the trials and tribulations of having a wedding. What advice would you give another couple after your wedding calamity?
Thank you in advance for your submissions! I will be accepting submissions over the next few weeks. I will be in touch with those people whose stories we choose as this book unfolds.
Please email brettan@wspublishinggroup.com and put “Wedding Calamity” in the subject line."

Good LUCK!

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